Money Saving Information for your Vacation in Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

Exploring Minneapolis does not have to cost more as long as your know where to go.

Also called the “Mill City” and the “City of Lakes”, Minneapolis is the biggest city in the Minnesota State.  The other half of what is considered as Minnesota’s Twin Cities, Minneapolis affixes to St. Paul.  This pleasant city is located along both of the Mississippi River banks.  Minneapolis is the destination to be for the lover of the great outdoors especially visitors who like to frequent wetlands and lakes.   The city was once the flour milling capital of the world but has become more business-centered with the passage of time. A continental climate best describes the weather and the city enjoys a wide array of parks and lush forests. Minneapolis is a great center for culture so travelers can be sure to find different cultural spots here.  A weekend of outdoor fun and fishing usually invites travelers to Minneapolis, but by searching online sites, you can find a Minneapolis that has wide range of attractions suitable to everyone.

Savings Tip:

Your best chance to save on a trip to Minneapolis is to book your flight, hotel, and car together.  More than 50% can be saved this way and there is a lot of travel and accommodations sites that can help you find the lowest rates for Minneapolis.

Experience Minneapolis for free

Starting your vacation right is crucial in getting the best deals on your Minneapolis getaway, but what most people don’t know is that you can experience the finest attractions in this beautiful city for free. From city tours, to culture trips, and even performances; having all of theses free of charge is the best deal you can possibly find.  All you need to do is get there.

Walk Minneapolis. By walking through downtown Minneapolis, tourists can see the beginnings of the city and its transitions through time.  Walk through the Mill Ruins Park to grasp why Minneapolis was given the name Mill City.  There’s also the ruin by the Museum and the Stone Arch Bridge.  The Riverfront district is also teeming with history. Free tours of the Capitol Building are frequently provided by the Minnesota State Capitol.  Some landmarks, such as the Cathedral of St. Paul is open to all visitors.  Roam through the glass floors of The Guthrie Theater and stand in awe of the Endless Bridge.

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Culture Vultures. Free Music, plays and comedies can be watched in the parks during the weekends and summer evenings.  Those who favor the theater can request for free tickets from the Free Night of Theater event done yearly by signing up on their website.  Puppet theaters are also a huge draw to visitors and the most of them holds free shows on the weekends that are usually for children.  The puppet theater In The Heart of the Beast holds free Saturday morning shows in their theater.  Every year during Halloween, the Barebones Productions features entertainers, acrobats, and large puppets for everyone’s enjoyment.  For birthday celebrants, you and five of your friends can watch ACME Comedy Company shows for free during the available schedule set for your birth month.

Festivals are also an exciting way to celebrate and get in touch with the culture of the city.  Visitors can join festivals such as the Irish Fair, Holidazzle Parade, MayDay Parade, and the Winter Carnival.

Travelers with a penchant for art can visit world-class museums for free. The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minnehaha Depot, Como Zoo and Conservatory, and the Weisman Art Museum are just a few examples of museums where you can check out the exhibits for free.  Most museums like the Bell Museum of Natural History and the Walker Art Center offer free days where admission charges are waived.