Can You Vape During Pregnancy?

Expectant mothers will do whatever it takes to protect their unborn children. Both mother and child can be severely affected by smoking during pregnancy. It is better to quit smoking before trying to conceive. To limit the harm caused by nicotine, vaping is becoming more popular among pregnant women.

Are Women able to smoke during pregnancy?

For women suffering from nicotine addiction or tobacco addiction, it can be difficult to quit smoking during pregnancy. Pregnancy can cause developmental problems in babies, and it is equally dangerous for expectant mothers to smoke while pregnant. Research shows that both mother and child can suffer severe consequences from excessive nicotine intake.

Quitting smoking can cause withdrawal symptoms and side effects that can be hard to manage. Expectant mothers often choose to change to healthier alternatives to quitting smoking.

What Does Smoking Do to Women and Children?

Even though young mothers may not smoke, they might find themselves in situations that allow them to inhale second-hand tobacco smoke. Second-hand smoke, or passive smoking inhalation, can be just as harmful and destructive as smoking.

Tobacco smoke, which is a result of traditional smoking, contains more than 7000 chemicals.  E-cigarettes, on the other hand, produce and emit fewer chemicals and toxins. This allows for the inhalation and absorption of fewer harmful substances. The following conditions can be caused by smoking cigarettes high in nicotine:

Ectopic pregnancy


Placental abruption

Preterm delivery


Low birth weight

Sudden infant death syndrome


Brain and lung development are affected by a decreased level

As if that wasn’t enough, mothers who continue to smoke after giving birth are at risk of developing the following diseases:



Chronic conditions


Respiratory problems

Lower cardiovascular performance


What are E-cigarettes and Vape Pens Anyway?

CBD cigarettes and vape pens are alternatives to traditional cigarettes. They deliver nicotine or CBD in vapor form, which has fewer side effects. They do not produce any harmful tobacco smoke and are therefore safer than traditional cigarettes.

The heating element in such devices is a heating element that heats the liquid or e-juice. These compounds produce a vapor that consumers inhale and exhale when heated, thus the name vaping.

For added health benefits, people who want to quit smoking often try cbd ejuice that include hemp extracts. E-liquids are essentially a mixture of chemicals, which may or not contain additional flavors and/or additives.

What makes vaping better for expectant mothers?

You can also switch to liquids containing hemp extracts, which have health benefits and prevent the negative side effects of smoking.

Young mothers can quit smoking by vaping, which is a better option than traditional cigarettes. These devices don’t produce harmful smoke, which can lead to respiratory and cardiovascular problems in the users.

CBD-rich vaping liquids can be used to help pregnant women with insomnia, inflammation, pain, and other discomforts after giving birth.

To help with withdrawal, individuals can use e-cigarettes or vape pens. Grandparents and expectant fathers can make the switch to help ensure that the mother and child are not exposed to secondhand smoke.

Closing Thoughts

It is best to quit smoking while you are pregnant or trying to conceive. Vaping, however, can be a better option for you and your child if you smoke regularly. We’d love to hear from you about your experiences with vaping during pregnancy