Destinations in India for women who love to travel solo

If you’ve ever wondered how all the other guys in your contact list are able to book a vacation, either solo or with friends, while you’re glued to your smartphone scrolling through their vacation pics, then this is the answer for you. Though the idea of a woman travelling solo in India is still quite a taboo for society to partake in but this is changing with time. Here is a complete list covering female solo travel destinations in India, where you can enjoy some great time away from your regular duties.

Spiti Valley

Spiti is a cold desert valley located in the high altitudes of the Himalayas. Similar to Ladakh, this valley features snow-capped mountain peaks, criss-cross terrains and wonderful landscapes, also considered as one of the most ideal solo travel destinations for females. Housing many Buddist monasteries and stupas, Spiti Valley will surely captivate travellers with its enchanting beauty. The offbeat travel destination is quite peaceful and less crowded, allowing the women traveller to explore the entire area at their own pace.


Located in northeast India, Shillong is the capital city of the state of Meghalaya. The popular hill station, also known as the abode of clouds, is a major place of attraction for solo women travellers. Featuring fresh essence and old charm, the city is covered with pine trees, views of the mountains, waterfalls, parks and museums. The bliss of solitude spreading all over this region is enough to steal away the heart of the visitor. It is always recommended to check out available accommodations prior to your actual visit. For this, you can go through multiple sites to get hotel booking online tasks completed well in advance.  


Offbeat and intriguing the little village of Hampi is a great place to make memories that you are going to cherish for a lifetime! Forming a union with nature, at Hampi you can bathe the elephants and feel liberated. Housing remarkable temples, UNESCO-declared Hampi is a great place for solo female tourists. Though most of the temple cuts are in ruins now, the century-old place still continues to serve the visitors with explicit memories from the past.


Jaisalmer is a beautiful creation of nature located in the laps of Rajasthan. The place is famous among the tourists for its desert views, colourful ambience, mouth-watering meat dishes and beautiful monuments, exhibiting intricate craftsmanship of the century-old workers. For solo female travellers, it is a great place to flash your cameras, take part in camel riding and camping in the sand. This place is also known for its fort hotels and their luxurious facilities.


Also known as Orissa, the place with rich culture, traditional art forms, exquisite beaches, abundant wildlife and delicious Oriya dishes is a traveller’s delight. Located on the eastern coast of India, Odisha houses the popular Jagannath Temple, Khandagiri Jain caves and the Konark Sun Temple. The panoramic views of the landscapes is a treat for solo women tourists who seek to escape the bustling city life and find peace in the arms of nature’s bounty.